x marks the spotLudus Festival Leeds is a series of performing arts events popping up to animate different parts of the city over 2014 and 2015.

Residents and visitors are invited to come out to play, to see what performance can do to enliven where it lands – and perhaps to share some reflections.

Running right through Ludus are two strands – Ludus Festival Leeds performances and LudusThinks events. So as well as going to performances, you can join a public debate on the value of culture or White Cane in the city centre.

Other discussions that have taken place as part of Ludus explored Aria at Bramley Baths, and Life Boat at Cross Flatts.

An international conversation about performance, place and possibility also took place in April 2014.

Ludus is a festival of performance. But it’s not just that. Ludus means ‘play’ so it’s also about Leeds trying out different ideas about performance, what we might find and where we might find it, once we embrace the idea of ‘play.’