March 7th, 2014
by Alison Andrews

Alison“What are you up to these days Alison?” an old friend who’s just back in Leeds asks when we bump into each other on Briggate.  “Working on a festival – it’s called Ludus – it means Play – playing in the city, looking at different spaces where we can mix things up, including on the edges. There’s a strap line: ‘performance, place, possibility’ and the programme does what it says on the tin.  We’re playing in a shipping container in the garden at Bramley Baths, we’re playing in  a Life Boat in Cross Flatts Park.It would be great if people from North Leeds came south across the river to see what’s happening.  And if you’ve never been for a swim at Bramley Baths you’re missing a treat.”  “Anything going on in Trinity Centre? That was just being built when I left .. you can see it from outer space. “ “No, the whole point is to celebrate places where local people have a stake in what’s going on … so the programme includes opportunities to talk together about contemporary performance and installation, what else people would like to see and what it’s like to live  – and play – in Leeds.  This is the second edition of the Festival – it started in 2012 – and this time there’s work going on throughout the year.  Now you’re back, you should get involved….”