Friday 25 September

The Third Chamber in Leeds

The Third Chamber is something that Gillie Kleiman and I created as an appendix to the House of Lords and the House of Commons in 2014. During each sitting (there have been three to date), ...

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Tuesday 16 June

The Third Chamber

Over the last two weeks (June 2015), Ludus Festival Leeds has been inviting people in the city to say what they think.  ‘The Third Chamber’ is a place where people can correspond with e...

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Sunday 11 May

Pavilion presents: Free Individual / Free Society

Showing: 13 May, 6.30-7.30pm at Hyde Park Picture House In the late 19th century, before the advent of radio, telephone lines enabled remote audiences to listen to live per...

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  Film still: Grace Schwindt, Only a Free Individual Can Create a Free Society, 2014
Tuesday 1 April

Aria – Mesmerising

Taking up temporary residence in the car park at Bramley Baths, ‘Aria’ By Emma Critchley has become part of the extraordinary community to be found in the area.  Bramley Baths has been ...

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Friday 21 March

White Cane

Salamanda Tandem’s White Cane is designed to generate creative dialogue between visually impaired, blind and sighted people - as both performers and audience - and to place the blind and v...

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  White Cane Credit: Geoffrey Fielding
Thursday 20 March

White Cane Recce

[caption id="attachment_248" align="alignright" width="107"]Mick Wallismore >

Friday 7 March


Alison“What are you up to these...

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