Past Events

The Third Chamber

You are invited to drop in to The Third Chamber, a specially created ‘Third House of Parliament’ presented in your local area. It is an imaginary alternative to the usual system. Have a drink, have a biscuit, have your say and you will receive a personal answer to your burning ques

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An audio-visual installation inside a shipping container
Emma Critchley

Bramley Baths
Sat 29 March 2014 - Weds 2 April 2014 (various times)

Immerse yourself in the soundscape of the a cappella voice, as you watch a diver twist, tumble and turn through the underwater landscape, pulsing with the lyrical rhythm of the singer’s breath

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White Cane - Credit Geoffery Fielding - Salamanda Tandem

White Cane

salamanda tandem

Victoria Gardens
20 June & 22 June 2014

Visually impaired dancer Mickel Smithen and blind musician Takashi Kikuchi act as guides to Victoria Gardens as a sensory space of touch, vibration, movement and sound, in an unfolding dialogue between performers and public...

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LudusThinks: discussion of White Cane

You are invited to a discussion on the White Cane project with contributions from Salamanda Tandem and friends. This is an informal opportunity to reflect on your experience of White Cane and hear more about audio description...

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Life Boat

A participatory installation
Institute for Crazy Dancing

Cross Flatts Park, LS11 7BQ
Thu 3 and Sat 5 April 2014

Come aboard the Life Boat, relax in a hammock and look at the world from a slowly changing point of view: a place to reflect on the issues of the day – migration, ethical trade, sustainability, your life, our lives...

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LudusThinks: discussion of Life Boat

Hillside Conference Centre, LS11 8ND
Thu 3 April 2014, 18.30-20.30

You are invited to an evening discussion on the Life Boat project with contributions from Institute for Crazy Dancing, Friends of Cross Flatts Park, director of Vera Media Al Garthwaite and guests.

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Performance, Place, Possibility symposium

Performance, Place, Possibility: Performance in Contemporary Urban Contexts

Friday 4th April 2014
stage@leeds, University of Leeds, Leeds LS2 9JT, UK

(This symposium took place in April 2014)

We invite scholars, researchers, artists and activists from across disciplines to join in debate on the ways in which the relationships between performance and place impact on audiences, communities, citizens and the city.

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Scenographic City


Saturday 7th February 2015

10:30am – 1.15pm including buffet lunch

stage@leeds, University of Leeds

Scenographic City is a discussion about performance that invites its audiences to re-imagine familiar places using visual spectacle and/or technology. It will feature a panel of Leeds-based artists; Alan Lane (artistic director, Slung Low), David Shearing and Invisible Flock.

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The Weather Machine

installation-based work

stage@leeds, University of Leeds
Feb 2015
Tickets to be announced

This experience is uniquely creative: there are no actors – you take centre stage, engaged in acts of social play and immersed in a poetic and visceral multimedia response...

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