An audio-visual installation inside a shipping container

Emma Critchley

Bramley Baths, LS13 3DF
Sat 29 March 2014, 10.00-16.00
Sun 30 March 2014, 10.00-12.00
Mon 31 March – Weds 2 April 2014, 10.00-12.00 and 15.30-18.00

Aria is an underwater encounter with a free diver – but you won’t need to get wet to feel immersed in cool blue water. In the interior of a shipping container, you can watch the diver twist, tumble and turn. Accompanied by a cappella song, the installation plays with the boundaries between water and air. Set in the garden at Bramley Baths, the installation will be complemented by storytelling, refreshments and stalls on Saturday 29 March at an Open Day.

Why not also join us for the LudusThinks Experience Aria: steam, swim, chat on 2nd April 18.30-20.30?