The Third Chamber

So we’ve had the General Election… whatever you feel about the result, here is another opportunity to express an opinion on anything that affects you. How are you feeling… about the past, the future, about local issues, life in the city of Leeds?  You can also respond to what other people are saying.

You are invited to drop in to The Third Chamber, a specially created ‘Third House of Parliament’ presented in your local area. It is an imaginary alternative to the usual system. Have a drink, have a biscuit, have your say.

Poster image - whiteShare your thoughts…

Come along to one of our events and write a letter to a member of the Third Chamber (MTC). You’ll always get a response, whether you want to ask a question, comment on life in the city or just let off steam.

Inspired to answer?

Volunteer to become a Member of the Third Chamber (MTC) and answer a letter. We’re looking for people who have an answer for everything – from the serious to the trivial! Just turn up, wait for the questions to flow and write your response.

The outcome?

The results will be combined to become an intriguing, amusing, surprising, thoughtful and above all creative compendium of citizens’ voices in post election Leeds. Once you have submitted your questions a personal reply will be posted to your home address and if you are happy for us to share your question and answer we will host your contribution online for others to explore.

It’s free to take part, refreshments are provided so just turn up and get involved.

The Third Chamber takes place between 10am and 4pm at:

“Among the jumble of fragments of (The Third Chamber) I have in my head, I can recall (…) wearing a golden sash and responding to a letter about xenophobia whilst sat in the self-nominated ‘Third Chamber’ in the middle of the Brunswick Centre (…) What seems to run through these examples is the moment of encounter with others.” – Sophie Hope, Lecturer in Arts management, Birkbeck, University of London.

The Third Chamber is created by artists Hamish MacPherson and Gillie Kleiman and presented by Ludus Festival Leeds, exploring Performance, Place and Possibility across Leeds.